About LeenTech

LeenTech currently develops web-based applications within the manufacturing industry, specializing in warranty management systems for worldwide dealer and supplier networks.

We have gained a wealth of experience working within this sector and our clients include multi-national manufacturers of mining and quarrying equipment, a leading tyre and tracks manufacturer and a high quality motor-home supplier.

Our Mission


Our products are aimed at helping you with your warranty process management, and we believe our applications are more cost-effective and user-friendly than most alternative solutions.

Companies often lack focused warranty management software with many relying on spreadsheets and databases which have been developed ad hoc over a long period of time. Others will persevere with fragmented legacy systems which are no longer fit for purpose because the perceived alternatives are too expensive.

Warranty management applications offered by large software companies are not only expensive but are often implemented by consultants with limited experience in warranty process management.


Technology and Partners

LeenTech started web development in 2003 and now uses predominately open sources solutions from well established and reliable service providers.

jQWidgets Ltd  (Bulgaria)- LeenTech has been using JQWigets software since 2014 and is in the process of adopting their Framework and jQuery widgets to improve the client side.   jQWidgets Ltd provides both software and software development in JavaScript, HTML5, and jQuery.


KDA Web Services (UK) -  has been LeenTech's Web hosting provider since 2003.  Provides and manages LeenTech internal and external clients Linux servers with cPanel and Cloud Backup software. 

LeenTech Infrastructure And Security

Lucee server software developed by Lucee Association Switzerland has been adopted by LeenTech with the help of Samizedatcode