Warranty Management System

LeenWarranty is a web-based warranty management system which scales to the size of your business and allows you to resolve, manage and measure critical metrics.

This valuable information enables you to optimize those costs arising from warranty claims. The system can be extended to your supplier network using LeenRecovery so that warranty claims arising from supplier quality issues can be managed effectively.

Improve your dealer and customer relationships by using LeenTech's web application and everyone will be working from the same data.

As the process is transparent to all parties, it allows dealers and suppliers to work with the manufacturer to solve problems and reduce misunderstanding through improved communication.

    LeenWarranty Features

Scales to any business size 

 Global access using internet 

Single data source for all stakeholders

Communication retained within application

Attach documents and photos to support claims

Accommodates separate brands/factories within organisation

Accessible from any web-enabled device including mobile

   LeenWarranty Benefits

Improved accuracy and transparency of claim process

Faster claim turnaround time

Improved brand image and customer satisfaction

Enhanced dealer relationships with fewer invalid claims

Improved fault reporting leading to faster rectification

Fully integrated processing resulting in greater productivity

Cost and Return on Investment - Low Risk