Product Recall Management Software

LeenBulletin - A manufacturer’s brand name is paramount today, and customer perception is undoubtedly linked to a product’s success or failure. The internet and social media have provided a means by which dissatisfied customers can voice their grievances instantly to a worldwide audience.

A well-managed product recall campaign will help avoid product liability litigation and reduce the number of expensive warranty claims by ensuring preventive maintenance work is completed quickly. In turn, this will minimize damage to the reputation of both the product and the company.

LeenBulletin addresses these issues by automating and monitoring the process in a fast and efficient manner, thus reducing the costs of recalls.

What is LeenBulletin?

LeenBulletin is a solution that allows manufacturers to prepare service or product bulletins quickly and then manage their progress to completion. The administrator can publish all relevant technical information online for dealers to action and so complete the requirements. An email alert system keeps the dealers informed of updates and progress.

A file import feature allows the manufacturer to import dealer contacts and product data into the system quickly. The status of each recall campaign or product advisory bulletin is displayed so both the dealer and the recall administrators have a clear picture of the progress by the dealer, model, and serial number. Administrators can add products to a recall notice by model and build date, dealer name or individual serial number.

The system employs a similar comments system to that used in the LeenWarranty and LeenRecovery products; this allows the user to add comments and upload files to advise and prove the completion of the recall. CSV file exports allow further data analysis to be completed in spreadsheets or other software systems.

LeenBulletin also integrates with the LeenWarranty management software to process warranty claims resulting from the recall. Furthermore, LeenRecovery can be used to claim back recall costs caused by suppliers.

 LeenBulletin Features

Automated workflow reduces administration time

Reduce litigation risk and consolidate the company reputation

Progress is readily monitored by all interested parties

Track recalls by different parameters allowing individual machines to be targeted

Automatic email alerts and reminders ensure the work is completed on time

Attach technical documents and images to the bulletin

Add comments and files to aid the management and processing of each bulletin

Minimise workshop visits leading to improved customer satisfaction

Prepare service/recall bulletins quickly using integrated email alerts to dealers

   LeenBulletin Benefits

Significantly improves the productivity of management and administrative staff
Allows management to readily monitor progress and gain confidence that the recall is being processed in a timely and transparent manner
Reduces many days of work into hours

Cost and Return on Investment - Low Risk