LeenTech Infrastructure and Security

LeenTech Servers

LeenTech application has had 99.8% uptime since 2004

Hardware is covered by a 99.95% uptime guarantee set out in our service level agreement (SLA) with our hosting company Protexia

Our servers are in the ASK4 Datacentre managed by Protexia


LeenTech Server Backup Manager

LeenTech use R1Soft CDP Backup software to backup its servers, which uses Continuous Data Protection™ Technology to provide hourly restore points for the last 30 days.

"After the initial replica is created, Server Backup Manager continuously monitors changes to your data and saves only those bits of information that have changed. Since you’re not constantly running full, performance-killing backups, your system’s I/O operations aren’t taxed in any way, keeping those critical resources free to serve your clients’ needs."


Flexible Data Recovery

Individual recovery points are easily accessible through the web interface where users can select individual files, directories or entire file systems to be restored within minutes. When disaster really strikes, a complete server can be recovered using a Bare Metal Restore, keeping downtime and data loss to a minimum.

Sophos Anti virus server software

Technology and Partners

Lucee server software developed by Lucee Association Switzerland is being adopted by LeenTech in 2018 with help of Vivio Technologies Inc (US).

Protexia Ltd (UK) -  has been LeenTech's Web hosting provider since 2003.  Provides and manages LeenTech internal and external clients Linux servers with cPanel and Cloud Backup software. 

jQWidgets Ltd  (Bulgaria)- LeenTech has been using JQWigets software since 2014 and is in the process of adopting their Framework and jQuery widgets to improve the client side.   jQWidgets Ltd provides both software and software development in JavaScript, HTML5, and jQuery.

LeenTech started web development in 2003 and now uses predominately open sources solutions from well established and reliable service providers.