LeenTech Demonstration

The following procedure is typically how enquiries progress. Usually the time taken from initial enquiry to system going live is dependant on the client.  If the client makes a decision quickly and has takes the system modules pretty well "out the box" we should be able to go live within 5 weeks.  Normally clients take time to raise purchase orders, collect the required data, finalise requested bespoke changes and organise user training.

Enquiry and initial proposal

  • Initial call to discuss overall requirements
  • Questionnaire to establish basic requirements
  • Online software demonstration using bluejean.com software
  • Client to list known requirements
  • Initial proposal and outline of costs based on information provided so far

Gap Analysis

  • Identify the current process and any new requirements
  • Identify and document the gap between requirements and existing LeeTech features.
  • Identify requirements that can covered by configuration and which will need bespoke code.
  • Create demo site with basic configuration for users to try and check
  • Finalise quotation base on Gap Analysis

Implementation plan

  1. Application Configuration
  2. Bespoke code changes
  3. Import data into testing system.
  4. Configuration of system reports
  5. Documentation and final testing
  6. User Training
  7. Final import of data and go live.