LeenTech Business Model

Software as a Service (SaaS)
We operate a SaaS business model which reflects our long term commitment to customer service and the fact that in web applications the majority of the costs are in supporting and developing the application long term, not in one off development costs. As most of the revenue is in the future, it insures the client has security of supply and LeenTech future income to cover the costs of support and development. By reducing the initial costs the return on investment to the client is quicker and less capital is required and therefore less is risked.

We charge an implementation fee to cover our gap analysis and implementation costs. Maintenance fees are invoiced quarterly from the start of the contract to cover support, hosting, minor change requests and our licence fees. LeenTech aims to keep the first years costs as low as possible, and make our profit from long term business through our quarterly maintenance fees.

Bespoke development
Our applications are configurable to meet a wide range of warranty and quality processes. They are structured to allow for bespoke modules within the standard application at additional cost. Our software can be adapted to manage other business processes such as Health & Safety, calibration testing, field tests.

Customer Support
We have an excellent customer service record which covers software configuration, deployment, and day to day system operation, and it is our aim to always be available to support you and your team every step of the way.

Service Level Agreements
We provide SLAs and have achieved 99%+ up-time with our LeenTech servers. We replace the hardware every 3 years and use automatic cPanel security updates to protect against potential security threats. Our applications all have error trapping code giving detailed error messages, with location, browser and logged in user, so bugs can be fixed before the user has reported them.

Application Security Practices
We provide comprehensive security including Secure Socket Layer SSL, Server hardening, Cpanel security updates and 24/7 server monitoring.

Non Disclosure Agreements
We sign NDA's before starting the gap analysis, prior to signing a contract.